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Terms & Conditions

  • Race/Event Rules
    The rules of entry vary from race to race and venue to venue. It is the duty of all entrants to ensure that their horse(s) meet the entry requirements of sex and gender which are set for each race. For a full list of race/venue rules please contact "Cork Waterford Point To Point" using our contact details below. All race entries require a valid Hunters Certificate, which is available from the Turf Club. When entering horse names as part of the online entry process, it is important that horse names match the names listed with the Turf Club. Mispellings will cause the system to refuse entry to the horse named. All horse names are checked against a list of horses provided to Cork Waterford Point To Point by the Turf Club. This list is updated on a weekly basis. Any questions in relation to this process should be directed to Cork Waterford Point To Point.
  • Liability
    Cork Waterford Point To Point will not be liable to you (the entrant) for any loss, damage, or breach of any obligation by us due to an event outside our reasonable control, including, but not limited to war, riot, natural disaster, strike, riot, civil disturbance, impossible use of private or public telecommunications network or other event of force majeure. For these or other reasons, we may elect to cancel your entry and refund your entry fee.
  • Refund Policy
    Should a meeting be cancelled your account will be credited and you will receive a full refund, including all charges. Refunds can be made on request prior to the close of entries for each meeting.
  • Privacy Policy
    Cork Waterford Point To Point does not pass any information provided in this form to third parties, other than the Turf Club and the creditcard processing company Realex Payments. Your details are used for the sole purpose of paying point to point entry fees. Please note that a full list of race entry details is supplied to the Turf Club, the national governing body. By entering through our website you consent to the collection and processing of your personal details by us.
  • Website Content
    Cork Waterford Point To Point provide the content on this website for informational purposes only and will not be held liable for costs or damages which are incurred by an entrant as a result of incorrect information or errors on this website. It is the responsibility of entrants to ensure that horse(s) are entered in the correct race(s).
  • Fees & Charges
    An entry fee will required for each race entry made through this website. A full list of race/venue fees can be acquired by contacting Cork Waterford Point To Point using the contact details below. Each credit card transaction will also incur an additional fee of €3. All relevant fees will be displayed as part of the online entry application.
  • Entry Confirmation
    As part of the online entry process all entrants will be informed whether or not their entry has been successful. A confirmation email will also be sent to entrants, but this should not be relied upon as a means of confirming entry. If you have any questions regarding your entry confirmation please contact Cork Waterford Point To Point. Entrants should print out entry confirmation pages as suggested as part of the online entry process. This will include an Order Id which can be used to verify your order when contacting Cork Waterford Point To Point. Entry confirmation is subject to the terms and condtions listed here.
  • By making a race entry you must confirm that:

    • the horse(s) flu-vaccinations are compliant with the provisions of Rule 91 for the race(s) which they are being entered for
    • the horse(s) being entered are in the care and control of the Handler on the current Hunters Certificates
  • Jurisdiction
    Irish legislation and the jurisdiction of the Irish courts apply to this agreement.

Entry Fees

The entry fee for each horse is €70 (this includes a levy of €10 to the Qualified Riders Accident Fund and a €10 temporary insurance levy).
Each credit card transaction will also incur an additional fee of €3


All payments are made to "Catherine O'Driscoll" c/o Cork Waterford Point To Point. For this reason all creditcard transactions in relation to Point To Point entry will appear in your credit card statements under the name of Catherine O'Driscoll.

Contact Details

Phone: (089)2280768
Address: Farnivane, Bandon, Co. Cork.

Terms & Conditions

See our full terms and conditions.